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New Medicare Bill Passes—Dietitians Celebrate!

-New bill offers opportunity for expanded Medicare coverage for preventive medical nutrition therapy-


 As a registered dietitian, I’m joining my colleagues in a collective high-five today—the new Medicare bill passed yesterday! This means that we can now begin to approach more coverage for medical nutrition therapy services (MNT). Nutrition counseling has been proven to play a major role in preventing conditions such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, obesity and diabetes.


MNT is a key part of healthcare services, which can increase health and well-being and result in less hospitalizations, decreased prescription drug use and better disease management.   MNT is provided by registered dietitians (RD’s) – the nutrition experts – and involves a detailed assessment of the individual’s medical, behavioral and dietary history as well as physical measures, therapy plans and follow-up strategies. The bill did not provide details as to what preventive services and disease states will be covered by Medicare, but provided a procedure for consideration and approval.


 For more information:


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