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The Business of Translating Science


Nutrition and health has become prominent in the minds of consumers, while healthcare and businesses are searching for economical ways to help keep people healthy.  The role of nutrition and health communications is a vital piece of the puzzle—a virtual global positioning system.  As a registered dietitian and wellness expert, my role as a “translator” is to decipher the complex and confusing science, boil it down and reduce the information into useful and practical, everyday lifestyle guidelines. We translate complex science into consumer-friendly media messages–all in an effort to live healthier, happier lives.


For example, if a study was reported that touted new health benefits of soy foods, my job would be to share with consumers the level of importance of the findings and offer good, tasty ways to incorporate soy foods into daily eating patterns. This may include partnering with one of our chefs to develop recipes, presenting live cooking demonstrations, and developing tips on incorporating soy food products such as tofu and soy-based patties into menu-planning. The information might be shared in a food demonstration on a live local or network morning TV or radio show, in an article in a national magazine, newspaper or consumer brochure.


As a registered dietitian in business and communications, my niche is in serving public relations firms that may represent a client with a new product launch or a need to gain exposure of an existing product or service.  Taking a public relations approach that utilizes nutrition expert endorsements and spokesperson services provides a highly credible and cost-effective method for companies to meet their goal of introducing consumers to their products, informing them of potential health benefits and ultimately enhancing market share.


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